Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

A state of the art SIEM at a lower and more predictable cost

A Practical Approach to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM):

The matraXis LogPoint Solution delivers:

  • Advanced SIEM features & third party integrations
  • Rapid & easy installation & configuration
  • Scalability with foreseeable costs
  • Competitive and predictable pricing model
  • Flexible MSSP options working with select partners

The LogPoint SIEM solution extracts events and incidents from the billions of logs existing in any IT infrastructure of any size, to:

  • Automate regulatory processes including GDPR
  • Improve efficiency in forensics investigations
  • Increase troubleshoot turnaround time
  • Improve your security position
  • Gain visibility into the organisation


Why LogPoint?


 The log analysis engine detects and notifies you of all critical incidents on your systems. Monitored events can be wide ranging and can include areas such as: an ongoing attack, a compromised system, a system breakdown, user authentication issues and much more.


  • Out-of-the-Box Reporting with a wide range of templates for compliance
  • Easy to Manage Dashboards delivers a clear overview of critical events & security incidents in real time.
  • Powerful Data Analytics for ad hoc reporting without the need to fragment data.


Put simply LogPoint provides a versatile and cost effictive full enterprise SIEM solution.

LogPoint is EAL 3+ certified and the solution is tailored to solve the specific security management challenges of your business - whether the goal is compliance, forensics or operational insight.

And to make it even better, we believe that LogPoint has the most predictable and cost effective licensing model in the industry.



The SIEM Solution - Key Areas           


To ensure that malicious or fraudulent activity is discovered and handled immediately LogPoint platform generates and delivers detailed statistics and alerts through clear and precise reports, and dashboards that are easily configured to fit your needs.

Information Security

Bridge the gap between business applications and IT infrastructure and detect the most complex threats;

  • Cyber Espionage - Track unauthorised network or system access linked to e.g. state-affiliated actors and/or exhibiting the motive of espionage.
  • Denial of Service - Track attacks intended to compromise the availability of networks and systems or occurrences in which systems fail due to extremely high levels of activity.
  • Insider Threats - Detect actions by malicious employees or others with corporate network access before confidential data and business assets are misused or damaged.
  • User behaviour Analytics - Locate patterns that are out of the ordinary and identify threats – from malware infections to Advanced Persistent Threats - using our advanced correlation mechanisms and system integrations
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) - Identify APTs which are notoriously difficult to trace and avoid the increasing cost of compromise by inspecting deviations from the norm.


Compliance Management

Are you prepared for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

When preparing for compliance, organisation must nterpret audit requirements and controls, as well as face the task of managing extremly high volumes of data.
Without a structured and proven approach this can become costly and complicated, and failure to comply can result in huge financial losses from fines, senior management distraction, legal issues and damaged reputation.

LogPoint can help you meet these day-to-day regulatory requirements and the solutions flexible architecture and features 
mean that security resource time can instead be spent on vital daily business operations by:

  • Automated ata collection across the network
  • Storing logs for complete, secure audit trails552_prints.jpg
Rapid threat response for identification, remediation and reporting
Alerting of policy and compliance violations
Correlation of diverse events
Documenting incidents, including detailed auditable records


Operational Insight

Gain visibility into your organization, optimize costs, create efficiencies and save on business expenditure.

LogPoint provides real-time end-to-end visibility 
into the organisation’s infrastructure and applications. Data driven critical business decisions reduce complexity and provide clear operational insights:

  • Reduce time-to-resolve & root-cause analysis
  • Realise noticeable savings & optimise costs
  • Get an overview of patterns & identify exceptions
  • Detect anomalies & prevent problems in real-time
  • Monitor the infrastructure & correlate events across all of your systems 

Error examination: Use correlations to cross-examine errors occurring in one source with unusual events occurring on another source.
Identification of Critical Event : Use predictive analytics to identify potentially critical events before they turn into disruptions.

How is this achieved?

With agents on ERP, database, and HR systems – gathering data from network and security devices, servers, and applications bridges the gap between business applications and IT infrastructure to detect even the most complex threats.



Matraxis in Partnership with LogPoint

Matraxis are proud to partner with LogPoint in the UK.  Matraxis have been delivering advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions to  organisations and enterprises since 2002.  We are expert in the deployment and use of large scale analytics solutions and we are here to provide advice, training and support to get you started quickly and ensure a successful implementation.  


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