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Webtrends Analytics is the leading platform for digital marketers to understand and deliver their marketing messages effectively across the web. Webtrends pride themselves on creating innovative products and offer a variety of new solutions, in addition to their core expertise in website analytics, including social media monitoring and real time analytics.



Webtrends Analytics On Demand and On Premises

Webtrends Analytics is currently available in two forms; On Demand (hosted online) and On Premises (software solution). These are broken down into the following product versions:


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  • Webtrends 10 - the latest release of Webtrends Analytics available in On Demand with infographic interface.

  • Webtrends 9 - The powerful analyst favourite option is available as On Premises or On Demand.

  • Webtrends 8 - an On Premises solution that is now out of official Webtrends support. Contact us for advice on upgrade options.



Why use Webtrends?

Webtrends technology is based around delivering accurate analytical data in a format that is easy to understand for both novice and advanced digital marketers.


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  • Segment and target customers to deliver the most relevant messages and experiences

  • Acquire and identify new customers

  • Maximise the lifetime value of customers – online and offline

  • Measure and optimise marketing campaign performance and brand experiences across various digital channels including social media

  • Visualise the data that drives your business 

  • REST API for open, scalable and flexible measurment with your marketing ecosystem including custom dashboards



Webtrends SharePoint

SharePoint analytics enables organisations to understand how efficiently Microsoft SharePoint is being used internally with detailed metric data. Internal and external site usage can be measured for an overall view of performance. Webtrends Analytics is the preferred analytics solution for current versions of Microsoft SharePoint.



Webtrends Training

If you are new to Webtrends, or require advanced knowledge, Matraxis offer a variety of Webtrends training opportunities for individual or groups. These sessions are developed to support both business and technical users of website analytics.

You may want to consider an analytics audit if you are looking to switch to Webtrends Analytics.



Webtrends Trial

If you are interested in a demonstration and trial of Webtrends in depth, Matraxis can assist with setting this up if you complete the form on the Webtrends Trial/Demo page.



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Matraxis are proud to be the leading UK independent Webtrends Premier Partner and Master Distributor supported with accredited consultants; providing expertise in advanced web analytics as a foundation for improving website performance




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