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Webtrends Analytics 10 is the latest On Demand version of Webtrends and contains a revamped interface with a focus on new visualisation to make data reporting engaging. The in-depth level of data is still available through the ability to drill-down deeper to see trends.


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Bringing an organisations whole digital presence into one single package, Webtrends Analytics 10 makes data reporting clearer, informative and transparent. This new innovative platform has been designed around three key capabilities:


  • Gathering analytical data from various digital channels with channel-specific performance measurement and comparisons at the brand level.

  • Delivering data from beyond traditional tagging. Analytics 10 will accurately pull in data from feeds, APIs and public data.

  • Auto-detecting the performance of cross-channel marketing campaigns without the complexity of combining multiple systems and software packages.


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Webtrends 10 Key Features

  • Web analytics - simplified interface; new data visualisation including word clouds, geo-visualization maps, heatmaps in reports

  • Facebook analytics - collect statistical data from Facebook pages and apps. Leveraging the Webtrends tag, further data can be gathered from social conversations

  • Mobile analytics - webtrends Mobile Analytics gives instant app usage data and engagement metrics. Support is available on all major mobile devices including Apple (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry

  • Integration – seamless integration with 3rd party partners including Salesforce CRM and Microsoft SharePoint. Connect external data with Webtrends API to deliver advanced custom reporting

  • Social Measurement – measure your campaigns against your social assets including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. 


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Webtrends 10 support

Existing Webtrends On Demand customers who have not yet moved to the new Webtrends Analytics 10 interface can enrol in Webtrends training to help understand and get the most out of the new interface.


Alternatively, organisations with older software versions of Webtrends may wish to migrate to the On Demand version with the aid of Matraxis Webtrends consultancy.



Webtrends 10 installation and trial

Being an On Demand solution, it does not take long for Webtrends Analytics to be installed on your website. All that is needed is a piece of JavaScript placed in pages that you wish to be measured. From there, data will start collecting and sent to Webtrends servers.


If you wish to try Webtrends, or see a demonstration of it in action, please complete the Webtrends trial demo form and a member from Matraxis will be in contact to discuss.



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