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Excel dashboards with REST URL

If you wish to interpret your Webtrends data through Microsoft Excel, this can be done through Webtrends' open API and REST URL tools. Organisations could use Webtrends data to create Excel dashboards for internal use. Webtrends Consultancy support is available for organisations interested in creating an Excel dashboard.


webtrends analytics api excel dashboards



SharePoint Analytics

A popular collaborative tool for businesses of all sizes, Microsoft SharePoint makes it easier for employees to work and share ideas together. With Webtrends Analytics 10, organisations can now understand how efficiently Microsoft SharePoint is being used with metric data. Internal and external site usage can be measured for an overall view of performance. Microsoft SharePoint Analytics can be a vital to:


  • View SharePoint contribution

  • Track who benefits most

  • Identify underused areas

  • Increase adoption

  • Improve ROI


Online video analytics

Video analytics starts with a tagging or API integration (depending on your platform and technology) to ensure that the right data is being collected for analysis. Matraxis have developed their own Webtrends video analytics plugin for JW Player to deliver advanced video playback statistics.



Salesforce and other CRM integration

It is often known that a customer will engage with a website or application many times before directly talking to an organisation in making a purchase etc. Salesforce integration within Webtrends is able to keep a record of these occurrences and update a Salesforce.com (or other CRM) profile automatically.


Data from Webtrends Analytics can be exported automatically into any CRM. Therefore records are updated instantly, cutting out the need for manual updating of customer records which can be time consuming.



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