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Webtrends Reports for SharePoint Internet

As an authorised Webtrends Premier Partner and Distrubitor for SharePoint, here are just some of the items Matraxis can help you measure with Webtrends SharePoint reports for Internet sites; whether you have SharePoint 2010, 2007 or 2003:


SharePoint Events

sharepoint overlays

  • Onsite Ads - how effective are you onsite ads?

    - show number of clicks generated by ads

    - what is the clickthrough ratio?

    - how many ad impressions are made?



SharePoint Traffic

sharepoint key search

  • Referrers - which domains are refering visitors and the top pages being accessed

  • Search engine - are people coming from paid-for or organic traffic?

  • Entry pages - what are the popular entry pages and the key phrases used to land on them?




SharePoint Content

sharepoint narrative mode

  • Breadcrumbs - identify the navigation paths used by SharePoint users

  • On-site searchs - list all key phrases being searched and what pages are being viewed

  • Web parts - list web parts being accessed and from which pages they originate




SharePoint Technology

sharepoint alerts

  • Traffic - which domains are refering visitors and the top pages being accessed

  • Browsers - are people enabling JavaScript? What version of flash are they using? etc

  • Mobile - is your SharePoint site being accessed through mobile? Are you optimise for mobile?




How can Matraxis help you?

The authorised Webtrends Partner and Distributor for SharePoint Analytics in the UK, Matraxis have expertise in implementing SharePoint Analytics solutions, powered by Webtrends Analytics. Get in contact with Matraxis today to discuss the best solutions for your organisation.




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