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As a UK leading Webtrends Premier Partner and Master Distributor, Matraxis are on hand to provide additional training support to organisations that require more product knowledge for their Webtrends Analytics package.

Supported Webtrends Analytics products include:


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Webtrends consultancy is available if you require immediate Matraxis expertise for a Webtrends related task.



Webtrends for Marketing Professionals

Introduction to the core features, terminology and key reports specific to Webtrends Analytics. You will also learn how you can use Webtrends to improve acquisition, deepen visitor engagement, optimise site design to increase conversion and create customer loyalty through retention.


Learning outcomes

Some of the main learning outcomes include:

  • Recognize and be able to explain Webtrends-specific terminology

  • Navigate the interface, capture reports, create and save on-the-fly changes, and set up exports

  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be directly tracked in Webtrends reports

  • Measure and improve user engagement on your site

  • Empower other Webtrends users within your organisation


Learning modules

  • Foundations

  • Report Analysis

  • Mobile Analytics

  • Moving to Analytics 10

  • Understanding Analytics Reports

  • Building Meaningful KPI’s

  • Communicating with Analytics

  • Analyst Course & Exam


Who should attend?

Professionals interested in learning how to use Webtrends to drive decisions: business and marketing managers, business analysts, web analysts, and anyone else who will need to use Webtrends to understand and improve their organisation’s online presence.


webtrends analytics technical data reporting



Webtrends for Technical Professionals

Learn how to configure and implement the base functionality provided in Webtrends Analytics. This class is designed for technical professionals who are responsible for configuring Webtrends features to produce reports required by business users and other Webtrends end users in the organization.


Learning outcomes

Some of the main learning outcomes include:

  • Navigate the Webtrends interface and interpret reports

  • Understand the purpose of the JavaScript tag and basic Webtrends parameters

  • Understand the purpose of the DCSMulti-Track function

  • Set up a scenario analysis to measure website conversion rates

  • Analyse web site effectiveness via the configuration of various reports such as content groups, path analysis, parameter analysis


Learning modules

  • Essentials

  • Custom Reports

  • Administrator Course & Certification Exam

  • Using Webtrends REST API to Build Analytics Scorecards

  • Advanced Custom Reports

  • Advanced Tagging


Who should attend?

Administrators of Webtrends and anyone responsible for configuring Webtrends features such as data sources, profiles, reports, filters, templates, etc.



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