Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

Custom Analytics Dashboard

analytics dashboard

Simplify management reporting and view all your analytics data in a single dashboard - built to your specific requirements. Make informed decisions



Email Campaign Marketing

email campaign marketing

Create, manage and report on intelligent email campaigns - increase open and click-through rates to boost conversions using added testing features



Search engine optimisation

seo analytics

Use search engine optimisation to increase ranking position and optimise your website content. Matraxis can help you connect your web analytics with SEO

Webtrends Consultancy

analytics consultancy

Support from accredited Webtrends consultants for the leading web analytics tool - track and understand your web visitors in greater detail



A/B & multivariate testing

a/b multivariate testing

New to A/B & multivariate testing? Or do you require further assistance? Matraxis can assist with optimising your testing strategy



Analytics audit

analytics audit

Is your current analytics package installed an configured correctly? Matraxis can analyse and optmise your set-up to ensure you are getting the correct statistics

Google Consultancy Support

google service

Added support for free Google services including Google Analytics, Adwords and Tag Manager - unlock advanced features and get better analytics



Analysis training

analytics training

A training program designed for different users of analysis data. Understand how business decisions are decided with the aid of accurate data



Website cookie audit

website cookie audit

Conduct an cookie audit as a first step towards becoming compliant with the new online privacy laws. Review which cookies are intrusive to your website visitors’ privacy.

Social Media Consultancy

social media analysis

Find out how your brand is performing internally and externally across multiple social media platforms along with best practices for social engagement



Hosted SDC

hosted webtrends sdc

Webtrends Hosted SmartSource Data Collection solution for organisations requiring a fast, cost effective implementation of Webtrends On Premises



Quick-wins analysis

quick wins analysis

Turn short-term project opportunities into long-term successes. Matraxis can help identify business opportunities with low spend