Making Better Business Decisions Through Business Analytics

Website Analytics

analytics consultancy

Understand how people are interacting with your website with advanced website analytics data; drive critical business decisions



Real time analytics

website analytics

See how people are interacting with your content and campaigns as soon as they go live. React in real time and improve conversion

Social Media Analytics

social media

Monitor your internal social media assets and listen and engage with the external conversations that are happening around your brand



Live support chat

live support chat

Connect with website visitors using live chat support to increase online sales and conversions. Develop a positive customer relationship

SharePoint Analytics

sharepoint analytics

Report on SharePoint usage with advanced analytics; whether you have a intranet, internet or extranet SharePoint site



Email marketing analytics

email marketing

Analyse your email marketing campaigns with in-depth analytics. Understand the success of campaigns and retarget accordingly

Online Video Analytics

online video analytics

See not just the number of plays, but where people interact with video content and at what point they drop out. Optimise future content based on analytical data