Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

Do you know how SharePoint users are engaging with your SharePoint site content? Are they navigating and accessing the areas that you envisioned,  or are you simply interested in the advanced analytics that can be collected for SharePoint sites?



Why use analytics for SharePoint Intranet, Internet and Extranet sites?

Using Microsoft SharePoint can require a significant investment for enterprise and customer collaboration. Therefore organisations need to understand the ROI - this is where advanced analytics comes into place.


Analytics helps deliver an accurate measurement of vital SharePoint performance elements such as web parts, documents and user behaviour. With this, understand SharePoint user contribution, grow adoption and target SharePoint functions for development.


sharepoint analytics icons


Dashboard reporting

sharepoint analytics dashboard

  • Intranet - who is using the organisation intranet and what web parts are they accessing and engaging with?


  • Internet - track visitors and their digital behaviours as they navigate around your SharePoint Internet site


  • Extranet - how are your external partners/vendors interacting with your system and are they correctly using it?



Matraxis can help you with SharePoint Analytics

As an expert in web analytics, Matraxis are on hand to help discuss the various analytics options available to your organisation; whether you have an existing SharePoint site or are planning to implement one in the future.


With our experience of more than one analytics solution we can help you find and implement the one that best suits you, from the Microsoft Preferred Solution with almost limitless reporting capability to simpler alternatives.



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